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Category: Events

Doctoral study programme Applied Physics has its first graduate

 Victor Claerbout, a Ph.D. student of the doctoral study program Applied Physics at FEE CTU, successfully defended his thesis  “Solid lubricants at the nanoscale:  frictional behavior in silico” at the end of June, becoming the first graduate of this new study programme. The supervisor was Dr. Paolo Nicolini. The opponents were Prof. Dr. Enrico Gnecco …

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Jan Fait received the Dean’s Award for a prestigious dissertation

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU Prof. Mgr. Petr Páta, Ph.D. awarded the Dean’s Award for a prestigious dissertation thesis to Dr. Jan Fait on March 10. The topic of the dissertation is Fabrication and characterization of diamond photonic structures. The supervisor was Prof. Bohuslav Rezek from the Department of Physics and …

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Distance learning – we demonstrate free fall :-)

An integral part of our Physics course are the experiments demonstrated in the lab. Our very modern lab offers a vast selection of experiments that the students can conduct first-hand, under normal circumstances. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the learning moved to an online space, so we are trying to introduce experiments to our students in …

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Sound waves in metamaterials and porous media

Within COST Action CA15125 DENORMS – Design for noise reducing materials and structures, Training School  “Sound waves in metamaterials and porous media” was held at CTU-FEE from September 26, 2016 to September 30, 2016, co-organized by Department of Physics of CTU-FEE. The following lectures have been delivered during the Training School: Irreducible Brillouin zone/dispersion relationship in …

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