Distance learning – we demonstrate free fall :-)

An integral part of our Physics course are the experiments demonstrated in the lab. Our very modern lab offers a vast selection of experiments that the students can conduct first-hand, under normal circumstances. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the learning moved to an online space, so we are trying to introduce experiments to our students in other ways.

We have created multimedia presentations of the lectures containing the actual demonstration of the experiment with the teacher’s commentary. One of the experiments covered in the course Physics 1 is a study of “Free Fall“. The experiment is elegantly simple: by measuring the duration of the fall of a steel ball from varying heights, we can determine the acceleration due to gravity in Prague (more specifically, in our 4th floor lab in Dejvice). Moreover, this experiment is also helpful for understanding how gravity and other forces affect an object in motion, both here on Earth and in the outer space. The instructions for the experiments are available to students on Moodle.